Sezione di Matematica e Informatica

Quaderni matematici 2011

607 18/01/2011 F. Obersnel, P. Omari
The periodic problem for curvature-like equations with asymmetric perturbations
608 28/01/2011 A. Fonda, M. Garrione
A Landesman-Lazer type condition for asymptotically linear second order equations with a singularity
609 28/01/2011 A. Fonda, A. Sfecci
A general method for the existence of periodic solutions of differential systems in the plane
610 21/03/2011 C. Asci
Convergence in total variation of an a¢ ne random recursion in [0; p) to an uniform random variable
611 16/06/2011 Alberto Boscaggin, Alessandro Fonda, Maurizio Garrione
A multiplicity result for periodic solutions of second order differential equations with a singularity
612 22/06/2011 Alessandro Fonda, Marco Sabatini, Fabio Zanolin
Periodic solutions of perturbed Hamiltonian systems in the plane by the use of the Poincaré-Birkhoff Theorem
613 27/06/2011 Ada Boralevi
A note on secants of Grassmannians
614 11/07/2011 Alessandro Fonda, Andrea Sfecci
Periodic solutions of a system of coupled oscillators with one-sided superlinear retraction forces
615 29/09/2011 Franco Obersnel, Pierpaolo Omari
Existence, regularity and boundary behaviour of bounded variation solutions of a one-dimensional capillarity equation
616 7/10/2011 Alessandro Fonda, Rodica Toader
Periodic solutions of pendulum-like Hamiltonian systems in the plane