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Quaderni matematici 2006

570 28/02/2006 Bozhkov Y., Freire I.L.
Group classification of semilinear Kohn-Laplace equations
571 28/02/2006 Bozhkov Y., Freire I.L.
Divergence symmetries of critical Kohn-Laplace equations on Heisenberg groups
572 2/03/2006 Fonda A., Mawhin J.
Planar differential systems at resonance
573 14/03/2006 G.Tondo
Generalized Lenard chains and Separation of Variables
574 13/10/2006 G.Caristi, L. DAmbrosio, E. Mitidieri
A proof of the Liouville Theorem
575 21/11/2006 F. Obersnel, P. Omari
Period two implies any period for a class of differential inclusions
576 21/11/2006 F. Fabris, A. Sgarro, A.Tossi
Slitting the blosum score into numbers of biological significance
577 21/11/2006 F. Fabris
Shannon Information Theory and Molecular Biology