Sezione di Matematica e Informatica

Quaderni matematici 2005

559 12/01/2005 Moret I., Novati P.
A rational Krylov method for solving time-periodic differential equations
560 12/01/2005 Fabry C., Fonda A.
Unbounded motions of perturbed isochronous hamiltonian systems at resonance
561 1/04/2005 Fonda A.
Topological degree and generalized asymmetric oscillators
562 18/04/2005 Manivel I., Mezzetti E.
On linear spaces of skew-symmetric matrices of constant rank
563 18/04/2005 De Poi P., Mezzetti E.
Linear congruences and hyperbolic systems of conservation laws
564 25/07/2005 Bordon A., Invernizzi S.
On the empirical assessment of a 2-parameter Weibull distribution
565 17/08/2005 Nicolini O.
A model of 1+1 non commutative Schwarzschild geometry
566 19/08/2005 Tessarotto M., Nicolini P.
Kinetic entropy and event horizons
567 19/08/2005 Tessarotto M., Nicolini P.
Microscopic statistical mechanics and black holes
568 31/08/2005 Nicolini P., Smailagic A., Spallucci E.
A model of 3+1 noncommutative Schwarzschild geometry
569 1/12/2005 Guglielmi N., Zennaro M.
Balanced complex polytopes and related vector and matrix norms