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Quaderni matematici 2004

547 2/02/2004 Di Cristo M., Rondi L.
Examples of exponential instability for elliptic inverse problems
548 2/02/2004 Di Cristo M., Rondi L., Vessella S.
Stability properties of an inverse parabolic problem with unknown boundaries
549 2/02/2004 Alessandrini A., Di Cristo M.
Stable determination of one inclusion by boundary measurements
550 12/04/2004 Vlacci F.
Some Remarks On Rigidity Results For Holomorphic Maps Of Domains In C^n
551 28/04/2004 Nicolini P.
Noncommutative second quantization
552 28/04/2004 Nicolini P.
Vacuum energy in (2 + 1) NC scalar field Theory
553 28/04/2004 Nicolini P.
Vortex nucleation in NC supercurrent
554 30/04/2004 Maset S., Torelli L., Vermiglio R.
Runge-Kutta methods for retarded functional differential equations
555 5/05/2004 Beorchia V., Ciliberto C., Di Gennaro V.
Canonical map of low adimensional subvarieties
556 17/05/2004 Fabry C., Fonda A.
Periodic solutions of perturbed isochronous hamiltonian systems at resonance
557 15/07/2004 Nicolini P., Tessarotto M.
Generalized canonical variable approach to gyrokinetic theory
558 30/08/2004 Landi A.G.
On harmonic maps in noncommutative geometry