Sezione di Matematica e Informatica

Quaderni matematici 2002

511 9/01/2002 Obersnel F.
On hereditary WAP spaces
512 14/01/2002 Prizzi M., Rybakowsky K.
Recent results on thin domain problems II
513 14/01/2002 Antoci F., Prizzi M.
Attractors and global averaging of non-autonomous reaction-diffusion equations in R^n
514 19/01/2002 Bozhkov Y., Mitidieri E.
Existence of multiple solutions for quasi-linear equations via fibering method
515 19/01/2002 Bozhkov Y., Gillimartins A. C.
On the symmetry group of a differential equation and the Liuoville-Gelfand problem
516 29/01/2002 Colombini F., Del Santo D., Kinoshita T.
Gevrey-well-posadness for weakly hyperbolic operators with non-regular coefficients (part 2)
517 29/01/2002 Colombini F., Del Santo D., Ressig M.
On the optimal regularity of coefficients in hyperbolic Cauchy problems
518 4/02/2002 Moret I., Novati P.
Rational approximations of the matrix exponential
519 15/02/2002 Obersnel F.
When is a topology on a product a product topology?
520 16/02/2002 Moret I., Novati P.
Interpolating functions of matricies on zeros of quasi-kernel polynomials
521 0/00/0000
522 20/02/2002 Caristi G., Mitidieri E.
Existence and non-existence of global solutions of higher order parabolic problems with slow decay initial data
523 25/02/2002 Gardner R., Vedeljensen E., Volcic A.
Geometric tomography and local stereology
524 27/03/2002 Alessandrini G., Morassi A., Rosset E.
Detecting cavities by electrostatic boundary measurements
525 15/07/2002 Beorchia V., Sacchiero G.
Non Weiersrass numerical semigroup of genus g >= 10
526 16/07/2002 Anastasi G., Bartoli A., Luccio F.
Fault-tolerant support for reliable multicast in mobile wireless systems: design and evaluation
527 6/08/2002 Brundu M., Sacchiero G.
On rational surfaces ruled in conics
528 8/10/2002 Hawkins E., Landi G.
Fredholm Modules for Quantum Euclidean Spheres
529 21/10/2002 Prizzi M.
On admissibility for parabolic equations in R^n
530 11/11/2002 Morassi A., Rosset E.
Detecting rigid inclusions, or cavities, in a elastic body
531 19/11/2002 Beorchia V., Sacchiero G.
One jump Weierstrass gap sequences
532 0/00/0000