Sezione di Matematica e Informatica

Quaderni matematici 2001

487 9/12/2001 Dimov G., Tironi G.
Hausdorff compactifications and zero-one measures-2
488 20/03/2001 Landi G.
Non-commutative geometry (an introduction to selected topics)
489 22/04/2001 Alessandrini G., Morassi A., Rosset E.
Detecting an inclusion in an elastic body by boundary measurements
490 24/04/2001 Caristi G.
Existence and non-existence of global solutions of degenerate and singular parabolic systems
491 24/04/2001 Caristi G.
Non-existence theorems for systems of quasi-linear parabolic inequalities
492 24/04/2001 Colombini F., Del Santo D., Kinoshita T.
Gevrey-well-posedness for weakly hyperbolic operators with non-regular coefficients
493 24/04/2001 Del Santo D.
A remark on non-uniqueness in the Cauchy problem for elliptic operators having non-Lipschitz coefficients
494 24/04/2001 Mezzetti E.
On quadrisecant lines of threefolds in P^5
495 2/05/2001 Caristi G.
Non-existence of global solutions of higher order evolution inequalities in R^n
496 2/05/2001 Caristi G., Mitidieri E.
Asymptotic behaviour of solutions of $ riangle^{2}u = ut $
497 3/05/2001 Dimov G., Obersnel F., Tironi G.
On Tychonoff-type hypertopologies
498 3/05/2001 Dimov G., Pedicchio M.C., Tironi G.
Frames and Grids
499 3/05/2001 Colombini F., Del Santo D.
An example of non-uniquess for a hyperbolic equation with non-Lipschitz-continuos coefficients
500 9/05/2001 Spangher W.
On the omogeneous minimal reductions
501 9/05/2001 Spangher W.
Alcune osservazioni su una congettura di H. Hartshorne
502 11/06/2001 Prizzi M., Rinaldi M., Rybakowsky K.P.
Curved thin domains and parabolic equations
503 11/06/2001 Elsken T., Prizzi M.
Characterization of the limit of some higher dimensional thin domain problems
504 11/06/2001 Prizzi M., Rybakowsky K.P.
On inertial manifolds for reaction-diffusion equations on genuinely high dimensional thin domains
505 11/06/2001 Prizzi M.
A remark on reaction-diffusion equations in unbounded domains
506 11/06/2001 Antoci F., Prizzi M.
Reaction-diffusion equations on unbounded thin domains
507 2/07/2001 Mezzetti E., Tommasi O.
On projective varieties of dimension n + k covered by k-spaces
508 4/09/2001 Del Santo D., Prizzi M.
A remark on well posedness for hyperbolic equations with singular coefficients
509 12/10/2001 Fania M.L., Mezzetti E.
On the Hilbert scheme of Palatini threefolds
510 6/11/2001 Alessandrini G., Nesi V.
Univalent sigma-harmonic mappings: connections with quasi-conformal mappings