Sezione di Matematica e Informatica

Quaderni matematici 2000

463 19/01/2000 Flocchini P., Kranakis E., Krizank K., Luccio F.L., Santoro M.
Sorting Multiset and Electing a Leader in Anonimous Rings
464 18/03/2000 Dabrowsky L., Krajewsky T., Landi G.
Some Properties of Non-linear sigma-Models in Noncommutative Geometry
465 20/03/2000 Spangher W.
Analytic spread and scheme-theoretic generation
466 27/03/2000 Dimov G., Tironi G.
Hausdorff compactifications and zero-one measures
467 27/06/2000 Sgarro A.
A coding theorem for possibilistic channels
468 28/06/2000 De Poi P.
On first order congruences of lines of P4 with a fundamental curve
469 29/06/2000 Anastasi G., Bartoli A., Luccio F.
Fault-Tolerant Support for Totally Ordered Multicast in Mobile Wireless Systems
470 18/07/2000 Ughi M.
Initial beheviour of the free boundary for a porous media equation with a strong absorption
471 22/07/2000 Mezzetti E., Portelli D.
On Threefolds Covered by Lines
472 28/07/2000 Canuto B., Rosset E., Vessella S.
Quantitative estimates of unique continuation for parabolic equations and inverse initial-boundary value problems with unknown boundaries
473 1/08/2000 De Poi P.
On first order congruences of lines of P^4 with irreducible focal surface
474 20/09/2000 Colombini F., Del Santo D., Kinoshita T.
On the Cauchy problem for hypebolic operators with non-regular coefficients
475 20/09/2000 Colombini F., Del Santo D., Kinoshita T.
Well-posedness of the Cauchy problem for a hypebolic equation with non-Lipchitz coefficients
476 10/10/2000 Caristi G.
Some non-existence theorems for systems of quasi-linear elliptic inequalities
477 13/10/2000 Spangher W.
On the degrees of a quasi-complete intersection
478 20/10/2000 Celada P., Perrotta S.
Existence of minimizers for non-convex, non-coercitive simple integrals
479 25/10/2000 Moret I., Novati P.
The computation of functions of matrices by truncated Faber series
480 25/10/2000 Maset S.
Numerical solution of retarded functional differential equations as abstract Cauchy problems
481 25/10/2000 Maset S.
Instability of Runge Kutta methods when applied to linear systems of delay differential equations
482 25/10/2000 Boffi G., Rossi F.
Grobner bases related to 3-dimensional transportation problems
483 25/10/2000 La Scala R., Logar A.
Action of the Borel group on monomial ideals
484 25/10/2000 Maset S.
The abstract implicit Euler method for retarded functional differential equations
485 30/10/2000 Connes A., Landi G.
Noncommutative Manifolds and the Instanton Algebra
486 29/12/2000 Bianchi G., Segala F., Volcic A.
The solution of the covariogram problem for C+^2 planet convex bodies