Sezione di Matematica e Informatica

Quaderni matematici 1999

446 11/01/1999 Mitidieri E., Pohozaev S.I.
Non existence of positive solution for quasi-linear elliptic problems on R^n
447 20/01/1999 Guglielmi N., Zennaro M.
On the asimptotic properties of a family of matricies
448 8/04/1999 Pulmannova S., Salvati S.
Meanders in orthoposets and QMV algebras
449 9/04/1999 Salvati S., Volcic A.
A quantitative version of a De Bruijn-Post theorem
450 16/04/1999 Landi G.
Eìgenvalues as Dynamical Variables
451 26/04/1999 Bazan D., Mezzetti E.
On the Construction of some Buchsbaum Varieties and the Hilbert Scheme of Elliptic Scrolls in P^5
452 13/05/1999 Guglielmi N., Zennaro M.
On the zero stability of variable stepsize multistep methods: the spectral radius approach
453 13/05/1999 Alessandrini G., Di Cristo M.
Unique determination of surface breaking cracks in three-dimensional bodies
454 16/05/1999 Landi G.
Projective modules of finite type and monopoles over S^2
455 25/05/1999 Fonda A., Ortega R.
Positively homogeneus equations in the plane
456 26/08/1999 Landi G.
Projective Modules of Finite Type over the Supersphere S^(2,2)
457 26/08/1999 Alessandrini G., Beretta E., Rosset E., Vessella S.
Optimal stability for inverse elliptic buondary value problems with unknown boundaries
458 10/09/1999 Alessandrini G., Favaron A.
Sharp stability estimates of harmonic continuation along lines
459 10/09/1999 Alessandrini G., Sigalotti M.
Geometric properties of solutions to the inhomogeneous anisotropic p-Laplace equation in dimension two
460 16/10/1999 Alessandrini G., Gaburro R.
Determining conductivity with special anisotropy by boundary measurements
461 10/11/1999 Del Santo D.
An example of non-uniqueness for an operator in two variables
462 10/12/1999 Landi G., Lizzi F., Szabo R.
From Large N Matrices to the Noncommutative Torus