Sezione di Matematica e Informatica

Quaderni matematici 1998

419 11/01/1998 Beorchia V., Franco D.
On the Moduli Space of 'T Hooft Bundles
420 12/01/1998 Del Santo D., Mitidieri E.
Blow up for a hyperbolic system: the critical case
421 15/01/1998 Mossino J., Ughi M.
Isopermetric inequalities and regularity at shrinking points for parabolic problems
422 19/01/1998 Bellen A., Guglielmi N., Zennaro M.
On the contractively and asymptotic stability of systems of delay differential equations of neutral type
423 7/02/1998 Janelidze G., Pedicchio M.C.
Pseudogroupoids and commutators
424 16/03/1998 Sgarro A.
An open-frame theory of interval probabilities
425 21/03/1998 Guglielmi N.
On the asymptotic stability of one step collocation at Gaussian points for delay differential equations
426 15/04/1998 Fabry C., Fonda A.
Bifurcation from infinity in asymmetric non linear oscillators
427 20/04/1998 Alessio F., Bertotti M.L., Montecchiari P.
Multibump solutions to possibly degenerate equilibria for almost periodic Lagrangian systems
428 11/05/1998 Bellen A., Guglielmi N., Ruheli
Stability of Runge-Kutta schemes for systems of delay differential equations of neutral type
429 22/05/1998 Alessio F., Caldiroli P., Montecchiari P.
On the existence of homoclinic orbits for the asymptotically periodic Duffing equation
430 16/07/1998 Rosset E.
Symmetry and convexity of level sets of solutions of $ riangle_{infty}u + f(u) = 0 $
431 1/09/1998 Mitidieri E., Soranzo R.
Local boundedness and continuity results for a class of linear biharmonic equations
432 21/09/1998 La Macchia D., Rossi F.
On computational Galois Theory. An algorithm to solve a cyclic equation
433 21/09/1998 Mezzetti E., Portelli P.
On threefolds which are covered by a family of lines of dimension two
434 12/10/1998 Landi G., Lizzi F.
Projective Systems of Noncommutative Lattices as a Pregeometric Substratum
435 27/10/1998 Bellen A., Maset S.
Numerical solution of constant coefficient linear delay differential equations as abstract Cauchy problems
436 27/10/1998 Maset S.
Asymptotic stabilty of numerical solution of pure linear delay differential equations as abstract Cauchy problems
437 29/10/1998 Maset S.
Stabilty of Runge-Kutta methods for linear delay differential equations
438 30/10/1998 Polo A., Spangher W.
Scheme-theoretic generation for ideals generated by forms of the same degree: a nice formula
439 19/11/1998 Colombini F., Del Santo D.
Blow-up for hyperbolic systems in diagonal form
440 20/11/1998 Novati P.
A method based on Fejer points for the computation of functions of nonsymmeric matricies
441 1/12/1998 Batic D., Dell'Anna M., Tessarotto M.
Calcolo del campo magnetico esterno per il freno DCCS
442 3/12/1998 Landi G.
Deconstructing Monopoles and Instantos
443 10/12/1998 Nicolini P., Tessarotto M., Clemente R.
The unphisical solutions of Maxwell equations
444 11/12/1998 Boccuto A., Mitidieri E.
Regularity results for positive solutions of a semilinear elliptic system
445 11/12/1998 Mitidieri E., Zou H.
Existence of positive solutions of semilinear elliptic systems without variational structure