Sezione di Matematica e Informatica

Quaderni matematici 1997

401 1/02/1997 Landi G., Rovelli C.
General relativity in terms of Dirac eigenvalues
402 1/02/1997 Crevato F., Sgarro A.
General lower bounds for chosen-content attaks against authetication codes
403 1/02/1997 Farry C., Fonda A.
Nonlinear resonance in asymmetric oscillators
404 1/02/1997 Alessandrini G.
Examples of instability in inverse boundary value problems
405 1/02/1997 Revnic A.
An a-stable spline numerical method for systems of ODEs
406 1/04/1997 Grossinho de Rosario M., Omari P.
A multiplicity result for a class of quasilinear elliptic and parabolic problems
407 1/04/1997 Maset S.
A multigrid method of the second king for solving linear systems of odes discretized by continuos Runge-Kutta methods
408 1/06/1997 Del Santo D.
Global existence and blow-up for hyperbolic system in three space dimensions
409 1/06/1997 Soranzo A.
On a symmetry problem for poligons
410 1/06/1997 Novati P.
Metodi polinomiali per l'approssimazione di funzioni di matrici
411 1/06/1997 Obersnel F.
Indipendent-type structure and the number of closed subsets of a space
412 1/10/1997 Celledoni E.
Discrete QMR and BCG in the numerical solution of linear systems of odes
413 1/10/1997 Njoku, Omari, Zanolin
Multiplicity of positive radial solutions of a quasi-linear elliptic problem in a ball
414 1/11/1997 Sgarro A.
Evidence for and evidence against in non-dogmatic lower probabilities
415 19/11/1997 Novati P.
A polynomial method based on truncating Faber series for the computation of the matrix exponential operator
416 21/11/1997 Polo A.
Nilpotence condition in Jacobian Hypothesis
417 21/11/1997 Polo A.
Polynomial Automorphism and Jacobi conjecture
418 28/11/1997 Alessandrini G., Rosset E., Keun Seo Jin
Optimal size estimates for the inverse conductivity problem with one measurement