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Quaderni matematici 1996

357 15/01/1996 Borelli M.
Some qualitative aspects of a non-linear heat equation with variable coefficients
358 15/01/1996 Celledoni E., Moret I.
A Krilov Projection Method for Systems of ODE's
359 15/01/1996 Celledoni E.
Projection Methods for the Numerical Solution of Volterre Second Kind Equations
360 15/01/1996 Colombini F., Del Santo D., Zuily C.
Uniqueness and non-uniqueness results for operators with simple characteristics
361 15/01/1996 Colombini F., Del Santo D.
Formation of singularities for non-linear hyperbolic 2 x 2 systems with periodic data
362 1/02/1996 Dabrowsky, Hajak, Landi, Siniscalco
Metrics and pairs of left and right connections on bimodules
363 1/02/1996 Mezzetti E., Portelli D.
Threefolds in P^5 with a 3-dimensional Family of Plane Curves
364 1/03/1996 Guglielmi N.
Delay Dependent Stability Regious of Theta Methods for Delay Differential Equations
365 1/03/1996 Clement P., de Figuredo A.G., Mitidieri E.
Quasilinear Elliptic Equations with Critical Exponents
366 1/04/1996 Balachandran, Bimonte, Landi, Lizzi, Teotonio, Sobrinho
Lattice Gauge Fields and Non-commutative Geometry
367 1/04/1996 Brundu M., Sacchiero G.
On the Varieties Parametrizing Trigonal Curves with Assigned Weierstrass Points
368 1/04/1996 Clement, Manasevich, Mitidieri
Some existence and Non-existence results for a Homogeneous Quasi-linear Problem
369 1/04/1996 Garcia-Huidobro, Manasevich, Mitidieri, Yarur
Existence and Non-existence of Positive Singular Solutions for a Class of Semilinear Elliptic Systems
370 1/04/1996 Bellen, Guglielmi, Torelli
Asymptotic Stability Properties of Theta Methods for the Pantograph Equation
371 15/05/1996 Mezzetti E., Portelli P.
A tour through some classical theorem on algebraic surfaces
372 15/05/1996 Brundu, Logar
A computational Approach to Cubic Surfaces
373 1/06/1996 Ercolessi, Landi, Teotonio
Non-commutative Lattices and the Algebras of their continuos functions
374 1/06/1996 Alessandrini, Rosset
The inverse conductively problem with one measurement: bounds on the size of the unknown object
375 1/07/1996 Brundu, Logar
Classification of cubic surfaces with computational methods
376 1/07/1996 Michelacci G.
Reconstruction of boundary points of convex sets
377 1/07/1996 Portelli D.
Alcune precisazioni sulle corrispondenze finite secondo Voevodsky
378 1/07/1996 Mezzetti E., Portelli D.
Om smooth rational threefolds of P^5
379 1/07/1996 Caristi, Mitidieri
Non-existence of positive solutions of systems of quasilinear differential inequalities
380 1/07/1996 Caristi, Mitidieri
Non-existence of positive solutions of quasilinear equations
381 1/08/1996 Lakkis O.
Existence of solutions for semilinear polyharmonic equations with Critical Growth
382 1/09/1996 Marchesi M.
Non-existence tyheorems for systems of elliptic inequalities
383 1/10/1996 Butazzoni P., Fonda A.
Periodic perturbations of scalar second order differential equations
384 1/10/1996 Fonda A., Zanolin F.
Bounded solutions of nonlinear second order ordinary differential equations
385 1/10/1996 Del Santo, Georgev, Mitidieri
Global existence of the solutions and formation of singularities for a class of hyperbolic systems
386 1/10/1996 Malykhin, Tironi
Weekly Fu-spaces
387 1/11/1996 Colombini, Del Santo
Developement of singularities for nonlinear hyperbolic systems with periodic data
388 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S.
6-tournaments having exactly two non-neutral vertices
389 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S.
6-tournaments having just one non-neutral vertex
390 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S.
Homotopical properties of the almost transitive tournaments
391 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S.
Either diagraphs on pre-topological spaces
392 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S., Izepe Rodrigues C.
Semi-free circle actions: the multiplicative structure
393 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S.
6-tournaments having exactly three non-neutral vertices
394 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S.
6-tournaments having the maximal number of non-neutral vertices
395 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S., Scarano V.
Non-coned transitive tournaments
396 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S., Tironi G.
A Classification for the Hamiltonian Semicomplete Digraphs
397 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S., Tironi G.
Non-coned cycles: a new approach to tournaments
398 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S., Tironi G.
Minimal cycles, neutral and non-neutral vertices in tournaments
399 1/12/1996 Kiihl J.C.S.
On digraphs and their quotients
400 1/12/1996 Luci F.
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