Sezione di Matematica e Informatica

Quaderni matematici 1995

336 1/02/1995 Omari, Zanolin
Infinitely many solutions of a quasi-linear elliptic problem with an oscillatory potential
337 1/02/1995 Fonda, Zanolin
Periodic oscillations of forced pendulums with a very small length
338 1/03/1995 Clement P., Felmer P., Mitidieri E.
Solution homoclines d'un systeme hamiltonian non borne et superquadratique
339 1/04/1995 Invernizzi S., Terpin K.
A Generalized Logistic Model for Photosynthetic Growth
340 1/04/1995 Tondo G.
On the Intergrability of Finite-Dimensional Systems Related to Soliton Equations
341 1/06/1995 Pozzo M., Tessarotto M.
Meccanica statistica del sistema di Darwin
342 1/06/1995 Pozzo M., Tessarotto M.
Weakly-Relativistic Fokker-Planck Collision Operator
343 1/06/1995 Pozzo M., Tessarotto M.
Relativistic Gyrokinetic Equation in the Presence of Shear Flows
344 1/07/1995 Bozhkov Y.
On a Quasilinear System Involving K-Hessian Operators
345 1/08/1995 Bimonte, Ercolessi, Landi, Lizzi, Sparano, Teotonio-Sobrinho
Lattices and Their Continuum Limits
346 1/08/1995 Bimonte, Ercolessi, Landi, Lizzi, Sparano, Teotonio-Sobrinho
Non-commutative Lattices and their Continuum Limits
347 1/08/1995 Grossinho M.d.R., Omari P.
Solvabilty of the Dirichlet-Periodic Problem for a Nonlinear Parabolic Equation under Conditions on the Potential
348 1/09/1995 Simon P., Tironi G.
Pseudoradial Spaces from CH
349 1/09/1995 Alessandrini G., Magnanini R.
Symmetry and Non-Symmetry for the overdetermined Stekloff Eigenvalue Problem II
350 1/10/1995 Michelacci G.
Reconstruncting boundary points of convex sets from X-ray pictures
351 1/10/1995 Pozzo M., Tessarotto M.
Construction of the Weakly-Relativistic Fokker-Planck Kinetic Equation in the Darwin Approximation
352 1/10/1995 Pozzo M., Tessarotto M.
Kinetc Theory of Weakly Relativistic Plasmas
353 1/10/1995 Bozhkov Y.
A Liouville Theorem for Radial K-Hessian Equations
354 1/10/1995 Grossinho M.d.R., Omari P.
A Hammerstain-type Result for a Semilinear Parabolic Problem
355 1/11/1995 Rosset E.
A Lower Bound for the Gradient of infinite-Harmonic Functions
356 1/11/1995 Guglielmi N.
Delay Dependent Stability Regious of Numerical Methods for Delay Differential Equations