Sezione di Matematica e Informatica

Quaderni matematici 1994

316 15/01/1994 Del Santo D.
A Carleman Estimate for Degenerate Elliptic Operators with an Application to an Ill-posed Problem
317 15/01/1994 Colledoni E.
A Comparison of Krylov Subspace Methods for Systems of ODES
318 15/01/1994 Alessandrini G., Diaz Valenzuela A.
Unique Determination of Multiple Cracks by Two Measurements
319 15/01/1994 Trombetta M.
Funzioni positive a sottografo regolare
320 1/04/1994 Bellen A., Torelli L.
Diagonally Split Runge-Kutta Methods
321 1/04/1994 Soranzo R.
Isolated Singularities of Positive Solutions of a Superlinear Biharmonic Equation (Revised Version)
322 1/04/1994 Grassi F.
Logistic Iteration with Geometric Memory
323 1/06/1994 Habets P., Omari P.
Existence and Localization of Solutions of Second Order Elliptic Problems Using Lower and Upper Solutions in the Reversed Order
324 1/06/1994 Arhangelskii A.V., Tironi G.
Streighteneble Topological Spaces
325 1/06/1994 Borelli M., Ughi M.
The Fast Diffusion Equation with Strong Absorpition: the Instantaneous Shrinking Phenomenon
326 1/07/1994 Gentili G., O'Connor M.D.
Rational Geometry of Comic Sections
327 1/07/1994 Dimov G.D., Tironi G.
Compactifications and A-Compactifications of Frames. Proximal Frames
328 1/07/1994 Cavicchioli A., Repovs D.
Peripheral Acyclicity and Homology Manifolds
329 1/04/1994 Borelli M.
On The Fast Diffusion Equation with Strong Absorpition
330 1/07/1994 Celada P.
Densities of Banach-Valued Finitely Additive Measures
331 1/09/1994 Alessandrini G.
On Cuorant's Nodal Domain Theorem
332 1/09/1994 Alessandrini G., Isakov V.
Analycity and Uniqueness for the Inverse Conductivity Problem
333 1/11/1994 Obersnel F., Tironi G.
Products of Pseudoradial Spaces
334 1/11/1994 Tagliaferro F.
Convergenza Q-superlineare di un algoritmo quasi Newton per la minimizzazione vincolata
335 1/12/1994 Bozhkov Y.
The Specific Hermitian Geometry of Certain Three-Folds