Sezione di Matematica e Informatica

Quaderni matematici 1993

290 15/01/1993 Landi G., Marmo G., Vilasi G.
An algebric approach to integrability
291 15/01/1993 Alessandrini G., Magnanini R.
Elliptic equations in divergence form geometric critical points of solutions and Stekloff eigen functions
292 1/03/1993 Celada P.
Continuity properties of group-valued invariant measures
293 15/05/1993 Rosset E.
An Approximate Gidas-Ni-Nirenberg theorem
294 1/06/1993 Alessandrini G., Isakov V., Powell J.
Local uniqueness in the inverse conductivity problem with one measurement
295 1/06/1993 Gentili G., Visintin B.
Finsler complex geodesic and holomorphic curvature
296 1/06/1993 Gentili G., Vlacci F.
Pseudo-iteration semigroups and commuting holomorphic maps
297 1/07/1993 Gossez S.P., Omari P.
On a semilinear elliptic Neumann problem with asymmetric nonlinearities
298 1/07/1993 Ciriza E.
Symplectic geometry of Morse singularity
299 1/08/1993 Colombini F., Del Santo D.
On the uniqueness in Gevrey spaces for degenerate elliptic operators
300 1/09/1993 Caristi G.
Some estimates on Green Functions related to the maximum principle for elliptic equations
301 1/06/1993 Ciriza E.
Simplectomorphic codimension I totally geodesic submanifolds
302 1/09/1993 Bellen A., Kolmanovskii V., Torelli L., Vermiglio R.
About stability of Some Functional Differential Equations of Neutral Type
303 1/10/1993 Soranzo R.
A Priori Estimates and Existence of Positive Solutions of a Superlinear Polyharmonic Equation
304 1/10/1993 Soranzo R.
Isolated Singularities of Positive Solutions of a Superlinear Biharmonic Equation
305 1/10/1993 Soranzo R.
Local Boundedness and Continuity Results for Solutions of a Fourth-Order Equation
306 15/12/1993 Moret I.
A note on the superlinear convergence of gmres
307 15/12/1993 Invernizzi S., Terpin K.
Simple Continuos Time Models for Photosynthetic Growth
308 15/12/1993 Soranzo A.
Il problema ricostruttivo di Falconer è ben posto
309 15/12/1993 Repovs D., Skopenkov A.B., Scepin E.V.
On embeddabilty of X x I into euclidean space
310 15/12/1993 Repovs D., Semenov P.V., Skopenkov A.B.
On uncountable collections of continua and their span
311 15/12/1993 Repovs D., Semenov P.V.
On continuous appoximations
312 15/12/1993 Repovs D., Skopenkov A.B., Scepin E.V.
Group Actions on manifolds and smooth ambient homogeneity
313 15/12/1993 Mitidieri E., Sweers G.
Wheakly coupled elliptic systems and positivity
314 15/12/1993 Celledoni E.
Sulla risoluzione numerica delle equazioni di Navier-Stokes tramite metodi di Krylov
315 15/12/1993 Dal Maso D., Gentili G., Lucchetti C., Magaina C., Scuka M.
Space distribution of cellular responses to iontophoretically applied drugs